The recommended dose of 300 mg of Tru Niagen® per day is rooted in a clinical study published in Scientific Reports in 2019.

What did the study say?

Subjects who consumed Niagen® observed an increase in NAD+ after two weeks. Below are the results based on supplementation size.

So how much Niagen® should I take?

We recommend at least 300 mg of Tru Niagen® per day to get the best healthy aging benefits. The 2019 study showed that a minimum of 300 mg per day increases NAD+ up to 50% after two weeks.

More importantly, the NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) notification to the US Food and Drug Administration supports that 300 mg per day is safe to use.

Can I take more than 300 mg?

There are several published human clinical trials that have included supplementation sizes larger than 300 mg per day under medical supervision. The subjects of these studies did not experience any attributable adverse events during their participation.

The most important thing is consistency.

To consistently receive the healthy aging benefits of Tru Niagen®, it’s essential to take it every day.

The study shows that daily supplementation of 300 mg after the two-week mark is crucial to maintaining your NAD+ at peak levels.

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