Menopause and Biological Age

Is Menopause Making You Age Faster?

Recent studies show menopause can increase biological age – the rate at which your cells are aging inside – indicating the importance of hormones in regulating aging.

A recent study which measured the biological age of women as they transitioned from perimenopause into menopause, found that a women’s biological age can increase by 9 years in just 6 months during this life period.

Another study of 2000 women found that the rate of biological aging can double during menopause, with some women experiencing a biological age increase of 20 years during this period.

But what is actually causing this and how can it be slowed?

Estrogen and progesterone are vital for the optimal function of the immune system.

This means the sudden loss of these hormones during menopause causes increased inflammation, which is a key driver of cellular aging by activating proaging pathways. The increase in inflammation contributes to increased biological age.

NAD+ and Menopause

The positive news is that biological age is reversible. Recent data shows lifestyle factors account for ~80% of biological age and lifestyle changes such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress management and NAD+ supplementation have been shown to reverse biological age.

NAD+ restoration is an exciting new area of research for menopause offering a solution for some of the most common menopause symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, sleep disturbances and increased biological age.

Restoring NAD+ is important during menopause as it occurs at a time when a women’s NAD+ levels have also declined drastically.

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What is Biological Age?

What is your real age?

Your biological age can be very different from your chronological age.

It represents how your cells are aging and functioning.

However, unlike your birthday, your biological age is reversible.

Menopause Increases Biological Age

Is menopause making you age faster?

Studies have shown that menopause can increase your biological age (the rate at which your cells are aging), highlighting the importance of hormones in regulating aging.

How is menopause linked to biological age?

How does menopause accelerate biological aging?

One important function of estrogen is in regulating the immune system, and the loss of estrogen during menopause causes increased levels of chronic inflammation. Inflammation is known to be a key driver of cellular aging.

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