NAD+ and menopause

The average age a woman enters menopause is 51 and by this time her NAD+ levels will have declined drastically. 

The loss of estrogen and NAD+ combined creates a perfect storm for cellular dysfunction.

NAD+ and Menopause

NAD+ is an exciting new area of research for menopause – offering a solution for some of the most common menopause symptoms including:



Both NAD+ and estrogen contribute to mitochondrial function and normal energy production. During menopause, levels of these molecules become low leading to reduced energy production.

By increasing NAD+ energy production is increased.

Brain fog

Estrogen is important for optimal brain function and energy production in brain cells. NAD+ is also critical for energy production and supporting brain health.

By increasing your NAD+ levels you can increase cellular energy levels and support your brain.

Accelerated biological aging

Hormones are important in regulating biological age (the rate at which cells are aging and functioning), with recent studies showing that peri/menopause can accelerate aging and rapidly increase a woman’s biological age.

NAD+ is known to promote youthful cellular function and reverse biological age.

Nuchido Time+ A Whole System Approach to NAD+ Boosting


NAD+ supplements can help!

Nuchido TIME+ is a new, science-backed approach to increasing cellular NAD+ levels.

Created by a team of scientists, Nuchido Time+ has been carefully formulated with a combination of ingredients that restore the cell’s natural ability to make and recycle NAD+.

“I just wanted to report on my first month of using Nuchido TIME+. Very positive – energy levels good, cognitive performance noticeably improved especially concentration, creativity, short term memory, reaction speed, also some health benefits including lower inflammation (join pain in right hip almost completely gone) and some minor skin issues cleared up.”

D. Young

Time+ User

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