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Is Nicatinomide Riboside Safe?

Is Nicotinamide Riboside Safe? If you came here for a quick yes or no, let’s save you some time. Niagen® – ChromaDex’s patented form of nicotinamide riboside – is safe for all adults when taken as recommended.  Clinical studies, multiple certifications, good manufacturing practices, multiple regulatory approvals and scientific standards have validated Niagen® since its …

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Is NAD+ the Key to Anti-Aging?

Is NAD+ the Key to Anti-Aging? “Anti-aging” is a big business with an enormous amount of skepticism. Several products attest they’ve found the real “fountain of youth,” but there’s little science behind these products to prove their claims. “Anti-aging” labels ultimately leave people wondering if it’s real or just another scam? Aging is an irreversible …

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