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Nuchido Time+ Next Generation NAD+ Boost
What is Biological Age?
Is Menopause Making You Age Faster?

Recent studies show menopause can increase biological age – the rate at which your cells are aging inside – indicating the importance of hormones in regulating aging.

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Nuchido Time+ FAQs

Do I need to take the full amount of capsules recommended per day?
To achieve the recommended serving of each ingredient we advise taking 6 capsules per day. Study results are based on taking the full serving. However, if you are just starting to use Nuchido TIME+, or are frequently forgetting your second serving, customer feedback demonstrates that taking just 3 capsules per day will still provide benefits.

What happens if I forget my second serving of 3 capsules?

Simply take the next serving when you remember. We recommend leaving 6 hours between your first and second serving. Also we don’t advise taking the second serving within 4 hours of going to bed if you are sensitive to caffeine, as they do contain a small amount of caffeine (3mg per serving of 3 capsules). This is natural caffeine from the green tea extract and not something we have additionally added.
Will reducing the number of capsules taken affect the efficacy of the product?
To achieve the results demonstrated in the Nuchido TIME+ study, the recommended serving of each ingredient is required so you need to take the recommended serving of 6 capsules.
However, customer feedback demonstrates that taking just 3 capsules per day will still provide benefits.
How long will it take before I see any results?
It is hard to answer this question as everyone’s biology is unique, so efficacy will depend on range of factors including an individual’s age and general health.
At a cellular level our study has shown that Nuchido TIME+ increased NAD+ levels within just 7 days. 
Customer feedback demonstrates that some people notice benefits within a week of using Nuchido TIME+, others don’t see or feel noticeable changes but then on reflection they recognize more subtle benefits.
Do I need to continue to take the product to maintain the benefits?
Boosting NAD+ promotes cellular health, counteracting the effects of stress and aging on your body. It is recommended that you continuously take Nuchido TIME+ to maintain the beneficial effects. Taking Nuchido TIME+ should be seen as a long term investment in your cellular health.
How is Nuchido TIME+ different to other NAD+ boosters such as precursor-based supplements?
Supplements containing only NAD+-precursor ingredients do not address the root cause of NAD+ decline, whereas Nuchido TIME+ uses a unique whole-systems approach that does.
Can you take Nuchido TIME+ while simultaneously taking an NAD+-precursor?
One full daily serving of Nuchido TIME+ contains the maximum suggested amount of Vitamin B3 for daily supplementation. Therefore, avoid taking alongside other Vitamin B3 derivatives including niacin, niacinamide, nicotinamide, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide riboside, nicotinamide mononucleotide.
Can Nuchido TIME+ be used alongside NAD+ IV infusion?
Nuchido TIME+ works to restore the bodies natural ability to continuously recycle NAD+ as it is used up in the cell. This unique approach means that Nuchido TIME+ may prolong the effects of IV NAD+ infusions to sustain higher NAD+ levels.
Does Nuchido TIME+ cause methyl donor depletion?
Nuchido TIME+ is designed to avoid the methylation problems associated with other NAD+ boosting products that only contain NAD+-precursors.
Will Nuchido TIME+ cause a “niacin flush”?
Nuchido TIME+ contains nicotinamide which does not cause a niacin flush. Due to regulations we must label nicotinamide as “Niacin (as nicotinamide)” even though it is structurally different to niacin and does not cause flushing.
Can I measure my NAD+ levels?
There aren’t currently any reliable consumer friendly NAD+ testing kits available. This is due to the unstable nature of NAD+ which degrades very easily. In our trials, we partner with academic labs who routinely perform such testing using a technique called mass-spectrometry and all blood is immediately placed on ice to prevent degradation.
Are the ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ safe?
Nuchido TIME+ is a food supplement that is compliant with all UK and EU food supplement regulations (we are a UK based company). All of the ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ are classified as safe and have been assessed and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).
US Compliance –
Nuchido TIME+ is manufactured in the UK at an FDA* registered facility to rigorous pharmaceutical standards. Our facility follows good manufacturing practice (GMP) protocols, to ensure safety, quality and avoidance of contamination.
*Who are the FDA?
The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments.
Do I need to take Nuchido TIME+ with food?
You do not have to take Nuchido TIME+ with food. However, if you suffer from nausea when taking capsules generally, then we recommend they are taken alongside or after food consumption to reduce any potential nausea.
Can I take Nuchido TIME+ alongside my medication?
If you are taking medication, you should always consult your medical professional before taking any supplements.
Can I take Nuchido TIME+ alongside other supplements?
We do not recommend taking Nuchido TIME+ in addition to other supplements which contain the same ingredients. This is because Nuchido TIME+ contains your recommended daily intake of several ingredients, therefore consuming several supplements with similar ingredients could take you over your recommended daily limits.
Why does Nuchido TIME+ contain caffeine?
Nuchido TIME+ contains a tiny amount of natural caffeine. This only occurs in the product as a natural constituent of the green tea and isn’t added in its anhydrous form.
I am trying to avoid caffeine – how does a daily recommended dose of Nuchido TIME+ compare to a cup of coffee?
One full daily dose of Nuchido TIME+ (6 capsules) contains 6mg of caffeine, the average cup of coffee contains ~95mg (this can vary based on the size and type of coffee).
Is the supplement Vegan?
Yes Nuchido TIME+ is both vegan and gluten free. It is also approved by the Vegan Society.
Do I need to refrigerate Nuchido TIME+?
We recommend you store your Nuchido TIME+ in a cool dry environment below 25°C and out of direct sunlight.
What is Biological Age?

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